Why Choose Pet Euthanasia

You Can Talk to Us

Euthanasia is never an easy choice for a loving pet parent. At our animal hospital, we know the loss of a beloved animal is never easy.

If you’re having trouble making a decision about your pet’s end-of-life care, you can always turn to us for help. We will not make the decision for you, but we will give you all the information you need to make the best choice for your pet’s well-being. If their quality of life has diminished beyond improvement, it might be an appropriate time for us to discuss pet euthanasia.

What To Expect

Upon your appointment arrival at our pet hospital, we ensure you and your pet are comfortable in a private room and allow as much time as needed to say your farewells.

When ready, a nurse will be called to place an IV catheter in order to administer medications. We start with an anesthetic to sedate your pet prior to giving the life-ending medication, allowing them to become fully at peace while unaware. Once sedated, our team will administer the euthanasia solution when you are ready. The medication works immediately and is entirely painless.

After our team confirms the medication has worked via stethoscope, we allow as much additional private time as needed for your family to say a final goodbye.

Our compassionate team is also available to assist with any memorial items, such as clay paw prints, nose prints, or fur clippings, if desired.

Losing a Pet: What Happens Next?


Grief over losing a beloved family pet is expected and normal. It is a complex and emotional process, and each person experiences grief differently. Know that during these times, you may feel both emotionally and physically exhausted, but the CVAC Team is here for you. There are outlets for the support of grieving families during pet loss.

View our informative guides on pet loss grief here. To reach a Grief Counselor directly, contact the Pet Compassion Careline at 1 (855) 245-8214.


It's never easy to talk about money when it comes to end-of-life care. While difficult, we hope to provide your family with all the information needed to prepare.

The cost of aftercare depends on the type of services you choose. You may also want keepsakes, which could be an additional cost. Our most common services provided, along with Pet Angel cremation services, can be seen alongside pricing here. If you have additional questions about costs, your veterinary team can provide further details.

We offer private and communal cremation services through Pet Angel in our clinic. Pet Angel offers a variety of packages for private cremation services, including pawprints, urns, and memorial jewelry. When your family is ready, please ask a team member at our clinic for a brochure that features all available items.

Private cremation services usually take about one week to receive back. A member of your veterinary team will reach out to you upon delivery, and you may take as much time as needed to pick up your pet and memorial items. Some prefer the communal cremation route, where no ashes are received back.

If you decide to use cremation services outside of the ones provided within our clinic, we will work to ensure the transition to end-of-life care is as seamless as possible.

"Can I take my pet home?"

Some families prefer to bring their pets home for a private burial. If this is your preference, we provide a small casket for clients to take their babies home.

Whatever decision you and your family make, we are here to guide you through this time. We offer nose and paw prints along with fur clippings for every pet as a sweet reminder of your companion. 

We understand that sometimes coming in for an end of life appointment isn't always an option. Our first priority at CVAC is your pet's care and comfort. Listed are some other options for care that might fit those needs. 

*We offer in-home euthanasia with our doctors with advance notice.

Compassionate Crossings, LLC offers in-home euthanasia services for Birmingham and the surrounding areas. They book both in advance and also offer some same-day services. They also handle all aftercare and arrangements you may need.

While we strive to take care of your pet through all their needs, sometimes things happen that are outside of our office hours. In case of emergency when our office is closed, we have two recommendations for care.

Steel City Emergency Vet is located in Hoover. They offer hours outside of a typical 7-5 that include end of life care.

Veterinary Specialists Of Birmingham offers after-hours emergency care located on Highway 280.